Good Planning Training - Oct 7 – 9, 2019

Comprehensive Three-Day Facility Planning Seminar Hosted by University of Colorado Boulder

Planning, Design & Construction of Police Facilities

October 7 – 9, 2019 | UC Boulder Police Training Center

Essential information for all police, public works & capital projects executives.

MWL is offering a comprehensive three-day facility planning seminar.

This Planning, Design and Construction of Police Facilities class has presented for over 30 years and has been attended by representatives from more than 1,300 agencies.

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The Space Needs Study

  • Renovate, Expand or Build New?
  • What Size Should Your Building and Site Be?
  • How to Select a Correct Site

Building Political Support

  • Anticipating and Managing the “Politics”
  • How to Assemble a Project Team
  • How to Get Your Budget Right

Project Delivery Options

  • Traditional or Non-Traditional Options

Security Design

  • Passive and active design strategies
  • Plus – Case Study of Recent Dallas HQ Attack

Planning for Specialized Needs

  • Campus Facilities
  • New Concepts and Details
  • Emergency Communications Centers
  • EOC
  • Forensic Science Labs
  • Tactical Firearms Proficiency Ranges
  • Short Term Holding
  • Property & Evidence
  • Investigations & Interview Rooms
  • Patrol Areas (that maximize efficiency)

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